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Our Story

We are the Amsterdamse Fiets Parade. I say 'we' even though it's just me.

I say 'we' because this project is all about creating things together with everyone who likes to be involved in any kind of way.

My name is Daan. In October 2020 I invested in a cargo bike, the Babboe Max-E.

Together with my friends we've build a Dj-booth inside. This was the start of many bumpy adventures.

I started with the Fiets Parades to help people to get through the lockdown. In small groups we've payed people in quarantaine a visit,

to cheer them up and to let them know that they are not forgotten. 

In 2021 I joined Tessa Di Corrado from Fiets voor je Leven.

Together we organized cycle parades in the form of demonstrations to ask attention for the mental problems that the lockdowns cause. 

Bakfiets Radio is the outcome of a longheld dream of me to give music loving people a chance to perform.

Every week i'm doing a live dj-set from my Bakfiets. 

You can book me for any kind of project where you think my Bakfiets comes in handy.

I'm also available as a date on wheels, birthday parties, cultural projects or business related events.

The Amsterdamse Fiets Parade is all about

making people smile, giving them a mental boost or creating beautiful moments.